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"Tracey is a blessing in disguise. She helped me work through my work and social balance.
She provided me with a coping mechanism that helped deal with the stress of work and outside work!"
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When I first started meeting with Tracey it was part of a group session arranged by my management team, these sessions were helpful.

I was then lucky enough to be able to have one on one sessions.

This is when things started to come together for me.

Tracey introduced me to my inner Demon.

I found this so helpful I was then able to look at my life.

I realized that I needed to make changes, which is what I did. I started applying for jobs and was able to get my dream job and really start to have a direction for my professional career. 


My personal life was also a struggle, I suffer from mental illness, and my current role was causing more issues. My physical health also was not good. Tracey helped me address these issues and has given me tools to make changes that will take time and will not happen fast, but they will happen.

Tracey is such a generous and bright personality; she is easy to talk to and really helps in all areas of your life. She has helped with diet, mental health, my work and home life. She regularly catches up to see how things are going. 


Since starting my one-on-one session with Tracey, I have been able to make huge changes in my life, both personal and Career. She gave me the courage to make changes and step out of my comfort zone. I now have a clear goal of what I want, and I am on the right path to achieve it. Thank you so much for helping me make the changes I was too scared to do.

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