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The 7 Pillars of Mental Wellbeing

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Insanity-doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, Albert Einstein...

Want to improve your Mental Wellbeing? Don't know where to start or what tools are available to you, the tools you do have aren't working anymore, medications are only helping so much, cant afford counselling, any of this sound familiar?

Here are the 7 Pillars of Mental Wellbeing...You can start taking control with these simple, fast, cost effective tools NOW

The 7 Pillars are-





Cold water immersion



“Nasal breathing instantly stops the fight flight response and calms your anxious feelings by bringing you into the present moment.”

Some Pillars are easier to implement than others. For me the thought of cold water immersion without a wetsuit... did not fill me with joy. Now I have 5/7 shower's a week straight cold water, or I start warm then the last few minutes are cold. I definitely feel invigorated and alert (once my breathing and heart rate have settled after a few deep nasal breaths, which takes a few seconds). I look forward to warming up once the shower stops. This alert feeling will last a few hours post shower. This is a fantastic upgrade for the brain, because it stops the inflammatory response from glutamate, (the toxic neurotransmitter in our brain, which causes brain cell death which can happen from a result from incorrect diet, not enough sleep, ingesting of toxins like alcohol, smoking)

This is 1 great effective, simple, cost effective tool for preventing dementia, and Alzheimer's.

So definitely worth trying.... I now look forward to my cold showers, or even better a cold bath, especially post exercise or where I can a swim outside in the ocean, lake or pool.

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